DIY Outdoor Kitchen Designs

Modern Outdoor Kitchen Designs

Outdoor kitchen designs – An outdoor kitchen is very convenient for entertaining or relaxing in the backyard. By planning the space well, it’s easier to cook or serve drinks at a moment’s notice for small or large groups. When a barbecue area and cook top is typically part of an outdoor kitchen, it is best to use flammable materials to safety. Metal frames, and brick or stone, work well to construct an area that may include a refrigerator, washing, cabinets, drawers and other components

Revision outdoor entertaining books to get ideas for backyard kitchen design. Look over magazines that feature outdoor kitchens as well. Gather ideas from websites that feature various equipment that can be purchased for outdoor kitchen designs. Sketch various ways to organize counter space, appliances, a cook top, grill and sink. Draw an L-shaped outdoor kitchen, curved bar counter space, or U-shaped kitchen to a patio or deck.

Measure the room that can be assigned to the kitchen. Leave room for more than one cook and for access to the cook top area of more than one page, if possible. Make it easy for the whole family to work in the outdoor kitchen space, cook together and easily pick a food buffet. Think in terms of planning preparation for the types of food to be cooked, and to make preparations to go faster with a good kitchen layout.  Add the sink with faucets near the cook top, heated by gas or electricity, and near the refrigerator. Use triangle design that has a stove, refrigerator and sink close together like in a standard outdoor kitchen designs. Store charcoal, cans for drinks and other items needed for the kitchen behind cabinet doors. Buy pre-made stainless steel trays to install within.

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