Elegant Bathroom Storage Furniture

Wood Bathroom Storage Furniture

Bathroom storage furniture – The utility closet is not measured by the number of drawers or doors that may include, but their ability to save space in storage. In this work created a shelf on the wall adds extra storage space without detracting square meters to this bathroom.

Bathroom storage furniture cabinets can be a good excuse to introduce some color in your decor, provided they comply with the harmony marked by the rest of the space, of course. Here, the guys there are two types of essential furniture in this room, which is placed under the sink to store items that you need at first hand, and suspended on the wall as an extra source to organize other personal hygiene items. If our bathroom is large, we can play with the position of the latter in the wall to get a delicate visual dynamism.

Marble has also gained an important design bathroom furniture elegantly incorporated wanting to go unnoticed and almost hollow. Combined with steel and lacquer finish, the result is an ideal wardrobe for under sinks that incorporate more than one in its design. Those who are ground with legs facilitate cleaning underneath addition to convert this space into an extra source of bathroom storage furniture: scales and carpets are welcome here.

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