Elegant Black Tufted Headboard Queen

Wall Black Tufted Headboard Queen

You can make your own black tufted headboard queen with some sources you can find on your fabric and local home improvement store. This do it yourself project is easy to complete, but can be time consuming, depending on number of buttons that attach to make his bangs.

To make a black tufted headboard queen is need a piece of 3/4 inch plywood cut to fit area behind your bed, a drill and a small drill bit, fabric and batting to cover face and around back edge of your seat. You’ll also need a tapestry needle and slide with buttons applied to face of head to create tufted look. Spray adhesive will also be very helpful in maintaining fabric and batting in place while you work. You can attach batting and fabric to plywood with a staple gun.

To assemble black tufted headboard queen, place fabric face down and then place batting on top to flush it with fabric. Adhesive on side of batting that in front of you before turning sheet of plywood on top of batting spray. Starting at center on either side, pull fabric up and over edge of sheet of plywood and staple in back, in every way. If you start in middle, edges are smooth and even. To add buttons tufted at his head, insert a needle threaded upholstery through punched holes, back and forth. Lift button and insert needle through drilled hole, from front to back. Tie a triple knot at back of head to ensure each button. If their drilled holes are too large, yarn can slide back knots through. You can place a small section of tape on top of hole in back of headboard and insert needle through knot to keep it in place.

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