Fashionable Cushioned Storage Bench

Style Of Cushioned Storage Bench

Place cushioned storage bench in lobby, entrance and kitchen a touch of comfort upholstery. A simple wooden bench is more decorative when it has a colored upholstery covering, and you and your family will appreciate a soft place to rest a moment or two. Create a pop of color to your bench seat in fuchsia green, turquoise or lime. Or, choose a bright graphic print design with bold orange, black and white for a modern bedroom.

Deck hall of a cushioned storage bench fabric having a black or a deep dark blue background covered with climbing vines and flowers in red, gold, green and rusty tones. Or choose floral tapestry fabric with yellow dahlias and soft cream and pink peonies on a black or dark green background for a bank of living near a window facing garden.

Create removable upholstery season for your kitchen or hallway bench, using stencils, spray paint and canvas fabric upholstery. Start with a blank canvas cloth cotton or cream. Choose a floral pattern template for summer; Maple and oak leaves in autumn shades for fall; theme templates snowflake, snowman or winter holidays; and saffron, cherry blossoms for spring or forsythia. Sew them to fit perfectly on soft cushioned storage bench, or create links to every corner in contrasting colors.

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