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Homemade Modern King Headboard

Modern king headboard – Create an easy to make homemade headboard even if you have limited building or crafting skills. Rather than link it to the bed, hanging just a headboard on the wall behind your bed to the same effect as an attachment to the bed rails.

Comfort Modern King Headboard

Comfort Modern King Headboard

Use many ready-made objects such as headboards. hang an antique wooden door or turn a bookcase sideways to create a king-size headboard, or design a custom king headboard hardwood or plywood. Standard King-size mattresses are 76 inches long, modern king headboard least this wide. Determine the height based on personal preference, but begins to measure a few inches below the top edge of the mattress  do not waste by extending it to the floor. Once you have your king headboard dimensions, has a sheet of plywood cut to size at your local lumber yard. For a headboard you want to stain or paint, cover the raw edges of the wooden panel.

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If you plan to stain the headboard, choose a hardwood plywood as cherry, oak or maple, all stain beautifully. If you plan to paint the wood headboard, choose paint-grade plywood, which you can buy at a cheaper price. Choose decorative wood trim and have it cut to size, then attach it to the perimeter with wood screws or construction adhesive. Iron on edging to create a more streamlined look. Choose mirror, ceramic tiles, slate tiles or decorative metal tiles from the home improvement store, then attach them to your basic wooden modern king headboard. Construction adhesive to keep the tiles in place, abut ceramic and slate tiles, if you do not want to grout.

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