How To Make A Nailhead Headboard

White Nailhead Headboard

Nailhead headboard – Building your own head will allow you to fully customize it for your interior, your taste and your needs. Create a tufted headboard by hammering decorative nailheads in front of the headboard. Experiment with different colors nailheads and consider painting them before you start. Find everything you’ll first at a hardware or home improvement store needed.

To make a nailhead headboard, cut the shape of your head into a piece of plywood with a jigsaw. Make the head just a few centimeters wider than your bed and make it high enough to pad your head when you’re in bed. Sand the edges of the wood with medium grit sandpaper. Place the foam on the floor and place the head on top of it. Trace the head end shape on the foam with a black marker. Cut the foam with a knife. Place the foam and the headboard on top of the fiberfill. Cut the fabric the same size as the fiberfill and lay it face down on a clean workspace. Place the fiberfill at the top of it.

Pull the fabric and fiberfill over the edge of the headboard and foam and staple it to the wood on the back. Trim excess fabric and fiberfill with scissors. Flip the head on and succeed on the nailhead headboard it. Turn the head over and drill the top part of the flush mounts in the headboard. Measure how high you want to have the headboard on the wall and how far the flush mounts are on the headboard. Slide the headboard into the wall by sliding the top mounts on the headboard at the bottom is mounted on the wall.

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