How To Paint Oak Cabinets Tips

How To Paint Oak Cabinets Cream

How to paint oak cabinets? This can be your question right now as long as you are refreshing the cabinet color into younger and fresher. There are some steps that you need to do before you paint the cabinet with certain color as you want. Here are the steps of how to paint oak cabinets black where it can be also the same steps to other colors. You just need to change the black color as you want. And if you want to add sanding or graining it can be done after the painting tips below.

First of how to paint oak cabinets, you need to remove the cabinet doors. This is the important one to do and to get the clean and beautiful painting. You can use screwdriver to lose the screws. Remove all doors from the cabinet carefully and try to lose it slowly in order the doors is not cracked. Second, clean the door surface from dust by clean water and let it dried before you paint it with the newer color.

It depends on the type of the previous paint. If you can directly clean the door without removing the previous paint, it is good and if you need to remove it then remove the paint and clean it using the clean water. Third of how to paint oak cabinets, you need to paint the cabinet doors with black or other colors you want. Ensure you use the painting methods correctly with one way or direction of painting.

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The last of how to paint oak cabinets is drying the wet paint by let it be, in that way and wait until it is dried. After the paint has been changed beautifully it is the time installing the door to the cabinet. Those are the tips of how to paint oak cabinets without sanding. If you want to sand the cabinet doors, it is recommended to know the methods of sanding.