Inspiration Elegant In Linen Upholstered Headboard

Furniture Inen Upholstered Headboard

The bedroom is always more elegant if our bed has a linen upholstered headboard , you’ll see that if you have and you put one going to capture all eyes of all those who see your bedroom. Read on and learn how to upholster your headboard bed. The result can be very different depending on the fabric you use, but it has to fit the decor of your bedroom (the colors of the walls and / or furniture).

Get the linen upholstered headboard of your bed or do you buy a timber the size of the width of the bed or a little longer to come out on either side of your bed and make this look bigger. Brand measures over the foam. These have to be the same as the table of five centimeters at each of the sides of the table. It has to be larger than the table where we will put because the foam has to cover a face of the board and a piece on the opposite side, as if embracing the board. The foam can buy in the store where you buy the fabric to upholster the table you want.

The next step is to cut the foam with scissors following the marks of the measures that have marked in the previous step. The width of the foam is usually standard, which will not be difficult to cut. Put the head on the floor or on top of a long table cover with foam and fluffy and comfortable to be back. You have to bend that protrudes from foam board to the back of this and staple it. Every 2 or 3 centimeters becomes a staple on the edge of the foam and around the board. So the foam is properly tight.

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Foam stapled once in the head, you do the same with the fabric you have chosen. First you have to put a cloth on the sole either to avoid staining the cloth with which you’ll linen upholstered headboard. After tines that stretch fabric on the floor or on top of a long table with the wrong side up, and then put the side covered with foam headboard above. As with foam, fabric measures must also be above the board. But in this case it exceeds about 7 centimeters, because we have to have the thickness of the foam that we have above. Then cut the necessary measures with scissors.

Once you have your linen upholstered headboard, you must know how to hold the headboard to the wall. Also, you can also see here ideas about how to make a wooden headboard for the bed , with a curtain rod or how to paint .To read more articles similar to how your upholstered headboard bed , we recommend you enter our category Make your own furniture .