Inspiration Your Round Storage Ottoman

Elegant White Round Storage Ottoman Image

Ottoman or hassock work well in a living room, a nursery or almost any room as a companion piece to an upholstered chair. Round storage ottoman are useful pieces of furniture for relaxation, and can function as storage space. Hidden storage will be contained in the song of the cavity with a top closure. Furniture finished with an open storage rack and the top can be upholstered in a more formal room. You have several choices to make when designing round footrests to go with a chair, including the style, decor and size.

Search for photos of the round storage ottoman and record the characteristics of those that interest you. Determine what kind of cushion that works best as an extension of the comfort to the chair at home. Magazines, books and websites selling furniture gallery photos provide inspiration for you. Make several simple sketches the type of round storage ottoman or you want to design. The piece of furniture can be based on a period of time, a personal style. Add functions upholstery foam and ergonomic legs to aid in future stance friendly user comfort.

Draw final designs on graph paper squares to show the height and width of the ottoman. Detail of the top of the round piece on a sheet of graph paper polar. This particular graph is in circular shape. These drawings must include the wooden base and upholstered finished project. You will be able to plan the placement of the buttons on upholstery, ornaments, sewing patterns and fine details in the circular shape.

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Write a detailed list of materials needed for the project. The list should include two 5/8-inch-thick wood, plywood rounds of 20 inch diameter for the foundation. You will need foam or padding for superior and comfortable upholstery fabric for covering layer complete unit. List legs inside wooden posts; storage unit depends tools upholstery, trim and buttons on their instructions.

List the round storage ottoman needed to complete the design for the project builder tools to use as a guide. The artisan can choose to build the piece from an electrical coil disposed timber. A drill and hammer will be required for the reel apart without damaging the two round wooden disks. Tools to create an ottoman from scratch include a jigsaw or a circular saw to cut rounds. An electric drill attached the support posts or legs and rounds together. List an electric knife to cut 3 – a 5-inch thick foam, scissors cloth upholstery and padding along with a tack hammer or staple gun to finish the piece with pillow top

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