Installing Ikea Kitchen Cabinets Design

Ikea Kitchen Cabinets Remodel

Ikea kitchen cabinets design – Replacing cabinets in the kitchen will update the look of your home, make the space more functional and potentially add value to the house. IKEA kitchen cabinets are relatively easy to install and come with all the necessary hardware to do so.

Check the level of your floors is along the wall to install Ikea kitchen cabinets design with a level. Find the highest and lowest point on the floor and mark the wall above the points with a pencil. Measure from the highest point on the floor to where the top of the cabinets will be. Find the studs along the bottom line with a stud finder; this will be where you will install the suspension rail later. Measure the length of the row of cabinets you plan to install. Place the mounting rail with the bottom in line with the bottom line. Use the hardware that came with the suspension rail to secure it to the wall mount screws directly to the joists. ikea kitchen cabinets design Work from one side of the wall to the other, and ensure that the top of the cabinet is level with the upper line you drew earlier. Use manufacturer supplied hardware to install the cabinets, secure them to the mounting rail. Attach the wall cabinets together. Drill through the holes indicated between each cabinet. Secure cabinets together with the connection screws with a screwdriver.

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