Lattice Headboard Design

Lattice Headboards Do It Yourself

Lattice headboardMake the double bed size of a striking focal point in your room with a header lattice. While lattice can be an unexpected use for a header, which gives it a vintage touch of fantasy to space and creates a unique look of its type material. Build the head and dress as you like to suite your personal taste and style of your height you want the headboard is. Push the bed against the wall.

Place the bottom of a measuring tape on top of the mattress and pull up on the wall to the point where you want the headboard to sit. Lattice headboard Subtract an inch in measurement to allow the addition of molding for a panel of 4 feet by 8 feet lattice dimensions to fit the width of the bed and measure taken in step 1 double size bed measuring 39 inches wide, so cut the net to be 39 inches wide and cut up to any size you want the header determined is four feet, for example.

Use a circular to the network outages a piece of molding the cover of an inch that is two inches larger than the width of the lattice 41 inches in this case. Use a circular saw to make the cut. Lattice headboard Wood glue applied to the top of the lattice and the molded cover slide over the top of the network so that a projection of an inch on each side of the truss.

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