Leather Storage Ottoman Square

Leather Storage Ottoman

Leather storage ottoman – Yes, although this name may not often heard in the ears, but the form of the chair is already common as a part of your home furnishings. Height lower than the average height of the seat, without backrest and arms, identical as the equivalent of putting a chair seat foot aka foot when you are about to sit down to relax. But you know, seeing his name is unique; in fact Ottoman has experienced a long period of history.

Leather storage ottoman is more and has many functions, not just as a foot, but also as a seat, coffee table, cocktail table, a small table in the corner of the room, as well as the storage of your goods. Quite creative with the basic materials of wood, plywood, or mild steel as a basic framework, see references various forms of Ottoman in various sites or home decorating magazines. Ottoman manifestation not only in the form of a box, but a round or oval could be an alternative.

As upholstery materials, you can utilize a variety of patterned material to taste ranging from leather, upholstery sofa, or transfer my blankets or sheets patterned enable unique or vintage as decoration. To add an interesting view of leather storage ottoman, you can also add decorative shades with rope tassels at each end.

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