Low Profile Headboard Ideas

White Low Profile Headboard

Low profile headboard – Make your own king header using different items around your house or garage or a few inexpensive items from thrift stores, garage sales or stores for home improvements. Making your own header will probably save money while allowing you to choose the shape, color and style to complement the rest of the decor of your bedroom. If you ever get tired of your homemade headboard, just add new tissue or a coat of paint or start over.

Measure your low profile headboard bed and determine how large you want your head to be king. Most beds are 76 inches wide, with the kings of California typically 72 inches wide. Your head should be a couple of inches wider than your bed. Determine the height to headboard too. Measures just above the space where the mattress if you screw the headboard to the wall or from the ground up if you are building a complete header.

Low profile headboard draw you’re desired on a piece of plywood 5 by 8 feet pattern. Use carpenter’s chalk so you can easily fix errors or make adjustments. High headers can create a dramatic and luxurious look, while simple, low headboards give a modern look. Decide if your head is a simple rectangle, oval, round or scalloped.

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