Making Weave Wicker Rattan Headboard

SMall Rattan Headboard

A rattan headboard wicker can add a beach look to any room. You can do this type of headboard yourself by hand with a wooden frame as the base and the addition of pieces of rattan wicker woven together. This will save costs in the purchase of a similar item in store household items, where the designer headboards can sometimes be costly. In addition, so the header yourself ensure that no one else has a piece like yours. Canvas stretching buys four together in an art store, two that are four feet long and two that are two meters long. These boards clicking together in the corners to make a wooden frame. Click the boards together to make a frame for the header.

Buy two dozen rattan headboard wicker sacks a craft store. If the clubs are dusty, run a dry cloth on them to remove any dirt or debris. Cut a dozen sticks with scissors, so the four feet long. Cut the other dozen sticks to two meters long each.

Glue the four foot long sticks in the frame, spacing evenly spaced through the frame. Attach by placing a drop of glue at each end of the rod and pressing the ends to opposite sides of the vertical joints of the frame. Woven sticks two feet above and below the horizontal poles. These vertical space evenly through the frame rattan headboard , and secure it in place with a little glue on each end of each bat bats.

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