Nailhead Tufted Headboard

Nailhead Tufted Headboard  King Tufted Headboard With Nailheads

Nailhead tufted headboard – A tufted headboard padded and can look very elegant on the headboard of a bed. When these elements combine with an  shape, the header may also take in a element. Basic padded headboard can easily be cut into any shape you want, allowing you maximum creativity in developing the design that best suits your decor. Measure the width of the bed and add 8 inches. Divide that amount by half. Cut two sheets of (medium density fiber) to this width.

length must be 8 feet. Measure the height of the header to be created, from 4 inches above the top of your mattress. Nailhead tufted headboard Reduce your to this length. Place the boards together so that they touch the sides and top and bottom are still. 12 inches of top and bottom edges. Screw metal straps horizontally across the boards to hold them together. Turn back together. It measures 18 inches from the top and bottom edges and screw two straps to the board.

This will give you a stable head. Nailhead tufted headboard to a pin and push the pin in the lower left corner. Stretch the string to the center top, where the two plates meet. Place a pencil and draw a curve with the pencil to the right of the board. Move the push pin to the lower right corner and repeat. This should give you an arcuate shape on top

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