Quilted Headboard Bed Original

Upholstered Quilted Headboard Bed

Quilted headboard bed – Lately we are seeing there is an emerging fashion is growing rapidly, so much that it cannot be called not even fashionable, now is a trend in the making, and that trend is precisely decorate, create or manufacture our own headboards for bed.

Original, extravagant, flashy headboards, quilted headboard bed is very comfortable for sleeping. Made with a thousand and one different material, some hard to do the simplest of others, some expensive, but most totally free since this trend has joined another trend, that of using and recycling old elements to create new furniture, such as using some old to make them headboards doors.

And as we see this trend to expand and every day you suggest us and ask us that you let us bring new ideas to make a headboard original bed, we have prepared an impressive collection of 12 photos of quilted headboard bed, made from fabrics, to wood, to paint, quilts, cushions, racks, plaster, wallpaper, carpets, vinyl’s … and dozens of other items that were used to create this impressive and original headboards.

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