Rustic Headboard Diy Inspired

Wooden Rustic Headboard Diy

Rustic headboard diy – When you enjoy spending time at your cabin and will recreate a rustic feel in your own bedroom at home, consider a cabin-style headboard. Make your bed a focal point with a headboard, representing a cabin lifestyle. Choose a headboard made of real wood logs or cover your headboard in fabric with land pictures.

Select a headboard made of logs into a real cabin feel in your bedroom. The main gables are available in aspen, hickory, cedar or pine logs in different styles, such as spindles or sunburst design. If you are handy, you might consider making your own rustic headboard diy out of twigs and small branches.

Paint a rustic mural on your headboard with images representing cabin life, such as trees, plants, flowers, birds and wild animals. Alternatively, you can hire a local artist to paint the mural on the rustic headboard diy. Choose colors that coordinate with the colors of the walls in the bedroom. You can even buy paint by number murals. Cover an existing headboard with fabric to give it a rustic cabin look. Consider fabrics that look as different types of wood, for example, or a khaki linen fabric. Material that contains logs will work, or choose a fabric with images related to hunting and fishing.

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