Simplicity Shaker Cabinets Kitchen Designs

Wood Shaker Cabinets Kitchen Designs

Shaker cabinets kitchen designs – Shaker woodworking was most practical and inventive in kitchen. Built custom cabinets were designed for specific storage needs so that every utensil, pot and saucer had its place. Cabinets are made from local woods, and clear style predates Arts and Crafts movement which borrowed heavily from Shaker simplicity. Cabinet knobs, as were added, made of oil-rubbed iron, tin, soft local stone, or same timber, such as rest of cabinet.

Cherry wood of fine grain and color development were appreciated for fine shaker cabinets kitchen designs, and economic and convenient choice for knobs and drawer pulls were remaining pieces of wood. Classic mushroom design can be purchased as unfinished reproduction hardware and sealed or stained to match cabinets. Ideally May cherry wood cabinets mellow into a deep reddish hue as they mature from sunlight. So treat buttons if you want to keep your wood cabinets to handle all of same color.

Unadorned metal pulls for cabinets allow shining reserve shaker cabinets kitchen designs style. Vary pulls look with Upper cabinet finger bent open “comma”, which allows door with a single finger snag as you knead middle of a flowered loaf of bread. Use traditional rectangular bin then pulls on lower cabinets and drawers so you have more purchase. Iron reproduction knobs or pulls, look like they came from village smithy and complement both painted and stained wood Shaker styles.

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