Small Kitchen Cabinet Design With Cherry Wood

The Small Kitchen Cabinet Design

Small kitchen cabinet design – The sand to a fine finish and has remained a classic choice for kitchen cabinetry, from Arts and Crafts styles through colonial cabinets to modern, sleek facades. The heartwood darkens with time and exposure to light, deepening of a reddish hue to a deeper red. This is the wood most commonly used for kitchen cabinets, and it’s such a visual presence that it can run design for the rest of the room. In a small kitchen, recognizes cherry warmth and rich tones when choosing other materials.

In an urban apartment, you have to deal with a kitchen the size of a closet. Treat the space as a boat galley. Build small kitchen cabinet design, wine racks, shelves and bottom of a cafe bar from warm, elegant cherry wood. Slot a brushed steel refrigerator and pale, gray-veined marble counters in this meticulous cabinet. For a small space to work, everything must have its own space and you need to monitor it to keep the workplace tidy. As always with colorful cherry, add lights everywhere to keep shadows from under-cabinet counters and lighter granite bar top, which also acts as the chef’s prep counter.

A small kitchen cabinet design with a high ceiling has a height advantage. Continue the cherry wood cabinets to the ceiling, although the originals stopped short of headroom. Add custom boxes with glass fronts to the top of the closed cupboards and put lights inside the boxes that draw the eye up. You can display the prized antique mixing bowls or Fiestaware in the boxes and keep more pedestrian fade in the regular cabinets below.

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