Solid Wood Loft Bed With Stairs For Children

Solid Wood Loft Bed With Stairs For Kids

Solid wood loft bed with stairs for children come in so many fun styles difficult to make up your mind. You can get a bed that looks like a fairy tale princess castle or dollhouse, all done in pastel pink and purple, perfect for a young girl fleeing a dream. Some of these are so compleat that you cannot see the top bunk behind the mask of the castle. A small corner, crevice and the dollhouse windows can also be use for storage and to display a special treasure.

Some have a sort of front tower that also serves as a bookshelf. Castle window allows sleeping on top to look out. Another fun concept has a tent at the bottom side and slide to descend from above. It comes in bright primary colors or, for children outdoor enthusiast, full camouflage. The downstairs area was completely cover in camouflage and attach hood has a zip open door and play in a window with a cover that is roll up. A chest suitable complements the theme. Solid wood loft bed with stairs for children too can look like a racing car or a fortress woodsy.

In addition to general ladder to climb to the top, there are some who have a real ladder up beside and on top of built-in cabinets. Not all beds have twin beds. Some solid wood loft bed with stairs for the kids to come is set to three. With two sleep areas at the top, and one bed and table setup on the bottom.

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