Stackable Toy Storage Design

Stackable Toy Storage Picture

Stackable toy storage – If you live in a house inhabited with children, then you may need to invest in containers or storage systems simple toys. Select toy storage containers with neutral tones. This helps ensure that your toy storage blends well in many different rooms in your home. Stackable toy storage does not have to look like stackable toy storage if storage devices used in creative earth tones.

Purchase several woven wicker baskets lined woven or a craft store or store household items. Or woven wicker baskets – usually square or rectangular in shape – they make great stackable toy storage containers because they are stackable, set on shelves, and can be aligned in a draw. Toys can be divided by color, type, or by children. The neutral color or woven wicker baskets fit helps in many color palettes and merge into a room that is not designed as a playroom.

Purchase 10-20 boxes of photos, neutral tones of a local craft store. These boxes are made of cardboard and resemble shoe boxes. They make excellent stackable toy storage for small toys like action figures, miniature toy cars, puzzle pieces and travel games. You can buy boxes in colors like white, cream, butter cream and black.

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